Ruben An'lalvi




Ruben An’lalvi is the late father of Morganna An’lalvi and her twin sister Lily An’lalvi, as well as the husband of the late Lady Verdiin An’lalvi. Ruben An’lalvi was also the sixth Governor of the Medan settlement of Ardnne.

An’lalvi was a a third-generation sorcerer that carried the blood of a race of elemental warriors known as the Ifrit. Being from a young bloodline An’lalvi had trouble earning his own prestige and fame. So he turned to the Makiri family, and ancient family of necromancers whose history spans several centuries, and asked them for their help to rise to fame.

The Makiris were more than happy to help this young and promising sorcerer, but not without a price. An’lalvi was only one of the many poor sods that would learn the cost of obtaining power, but only after it was too late.

It all started on a bright and sunny morning when An’lalvi was visited by his old friend and companion Mal’ak, who had asked An’lalvi to make him his apprentice, An’lalvi naturally agreed.

An’lalvi taught Mal’ak some of his greatest secrets but it seemed like Mal’ak could only excel in an area that An’lalvi was not very knowledgeable in, necromancy. Finally after a few days An’lalvi caught on that Mal’ak was not there to learn magic but for something else, and he confronted Mal’ak about it.

When Mal’ak saw that he had been found out he made no attempt to hide his reasons and came out with it. Mal’ak was sent by the Makiris to collect on the payment, a debt which An’lalvi was completely unaware of. The price that he demanded was too damn high, the price for An’lalvi’s success came at the price of one of his children, and that was a price that he refused to pay. So An’lalvi demanded that Mal’ak leave and never come back, but while An’lalvi had turned his back to Mal’ak, Mal’ak took the opportunity and grabbed An’lalvi’s ceremonial Azoth dagger, which he had stolen from An’lalvi’s office and plunged it into An’lalvi’s chest, killing him where he stood.

Ruben An'lalvi

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