A south wind blows from across the sea;
It carries the cold and a knell that tolls for we
It speaks of the collapse of the higherfell clan
And the deaths of the children of my brother Medan

And it carries from the sea a sad melody
None have come before it, it’s a desperate plea
It means that the womb is bare, no more produce
Brothers and sisters for The Dirge to seduce

So from my seat I can hear the shrill highs and lows
Of the the mysterious bell that brings this time to a close;
If it ever rings again, hopefully everyone will know
That a new age is coming, for the bell has tolled

- Pino Littlethrush


972- Dec, 25 Birth of the Pino and the Korok

1759 – Jul, 28: Beginning of the Medan-Ak’ruk war.

1763 – Nov 11: end of the Medan-Ak’ruk war.

1764-Mar 5: Sinking of Ke Yanve and the final day of the first Toll.



327 – Sept 5:Discovery of Greywolf Fortress.


Jan 1-7: Creation Week

Festival of Lights: The Festival of Lights is a series of four a week-long holidays that start at the beginning of each seasonal solstice and equinox. The lights that are hung from the trees correspond to their respective season, brown (winter), turquoise (spring), red (summer), and white (fall). It is from this festival that the Faerllet Forest gets its name (Faerllet meaning wild lights). This holiday is only celebrated by the Eri, speciffically the Rieryuu as well as some of the various Faeroko tribes.


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